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How to Become a Hollywood Script Reader

This four-week class will cover everything you need to know to become a top Hollywood script reader.

When: Mondays, starting February 23
Time: Live – 7 PM – 10 PM (PST) or On Demand Video
Where: Online

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You’d love to work in Hollywood. Becoming a script reader is the way many people get their first Hollywood job. Or if you’re already in the door, would you like to learn how to really impress your boss by knowing how to read a script? What makes for a great story?”

There’s no skill more important in Hollywood than knowing what makes a great script. Story doctor and former long-time script reader Peter Russell (reader for Imagine, HBO, Viacom, CBS, Walden, and many more, and Teacher of the Year at UCLA in 2009 and Pepperdine Professor of Television) teaches you how to do just that in this intensive 4 week online class.

You’ll learn:

  • How To Create Three Great Coverages From Three Hot Scripts You Can Use To Audition For A Scriptreading Job
  • How To Find Companies That Are Looking For Scriptreaders Right Now
  • The Five Elements of ALL Great Scripts (What That Chart Box On The Front Of a Script Report Really Means)
  • How To Write the synopsis for your ‘Coverage’ & The Tips To Do It Quickly
  • How to Write A Great Logline For A Script – Quickly!
  • How To Actually Apply For Jobs – The Secrets of Getting Your Foot In The Door (if you don’t know anybody in show biz this is how to get that first job)

Each week, on Monday night, you’ll get an online live (or video streamed, depending on class choice) lecture on how to ‘cover’ great (and not so great) scripts — included in the class are three current, ‘hot’ scripts for you to cover and add to a portfolio of script coverage that you can use to get a job as a reader.

You’ll also get heaps of great information about how to WRITE a great script – the skills are the same as you need to read one.

Peter is a gifted, exciting teacher who will also offer you ‘one on one’ meetings with him to go over your work personally. Peter uses Webex, an online ‘virtual classroom’ to explain the concepts taught in this four week class.

This class has a limited number of slots, because Peter gives each student personal attention.

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“The best teacher I have ever had (not only at UCLA, but yes, even compared to France).”
Vincent Blin, French filmmaker


“Peter is brilliant. The Einstein of teachers, if you will.”
Student, December, 2011

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