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The Secrets of Writing Thriller and Horror Movies

If you want to sell your movie anywhere in the world, you MUST know how to create tension, suspense, and fear.

Audiences LOVE a good scare. Whether you are writing a full-length feature or a short — or even a webisode — learning the tricks and techniques to create these emotions will make your job so much easier.

This three-hour lecture will go over things like:

What do you NOT see, and when do you NOT see it?
Types of characters that are common on these kinds of stories.
How to create tension when nothing is happening
Much much more!
To get the most out of this class see:


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“The best teacher I have ever had (not only at UCLA, but yes, even compared to France).”
Vincent Blin, French filmmaker


“Peter is brilliant. The Einstein of teachers, if you will.”
Student, December, 2011

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